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    Five methods to follow to avoid the very risk of fake wholesale cosmetics products

February 28, 2011

Five methods to follow to avoid the very risk of fake wholesale cosmetics products

Any person, if he is not a guru in wholesale cosmetics purchasing, can buy fake products. Unfortunately there is no guaranty at all that you cannot avoid such situations! As a result, there are only several methods you can follow in order to avoid this risk.

1. Be careful and attentive with the cosmetics wholesalers, while visiting the large B2B sites. Some offers, which sound very good, must cause an immediate suspicion. They do not correspond to the reality. If a cosmetic wholesaler offers his customers a large quantity of famous brand cosmetics wholesale, which cannot be found at once, then there is a good reason to think it over. These cosmetic wholesale beauty products may be fake.

2. While “being” on these sites, check if this seller is Verified or has Trusted credentials. If there is contact data, then dial the given number, and finally make sure that this address exists.

3. While using an auction site, find the possibility to get in touch with other buyers (feedback options) of this seller in order to confirm that he exists.

4. A credit card or online payment merchant are considered to be reliable and trustworthy. Thus, you will be protected. Money as cash must not be sent via cash transfer service.

5. If it is your first order, as well as the first seller, offering his services – order just a small quantity of cosmetic products. Study thoroughly these cheap wholesale cosmetics you are going to buy as soon as they are delivered. The stale and fake goods do not have the right and appropriate packaging. There are observed label's mistakes on the packs. Materials, the goods are made of, are of a very bad quality.

But if you pay great attention to the discounted cosmetics wholesale, it is pointless to think that you will not succeed. Furthermore, you will get a very good lesson in purchasing goods. But anyway, if you suspect something, just give it up! You will not be harmed and sorry for anything.

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